ARB Guidelines and Forms
ARB Applications and Guidelines

All exterior improvements, additions, or alterations to your home or lot require written approval by the ARB before any work is to begin. Of course you must file an application for larger changes, such as installation of pools, fences, generators, major landscaping changes, and storm shutters/screens. You must also file an application for what might be considered minor changes such as replacement of exterior lights, addition of address plaques, landscaping changes, painting, etc. 
When reviewing applications, the ARB, working with the Property Manager, other HOA Committees and Board, ensures all homeowner requested improvements are in harmony with the appearance of the community and conform to the HOA governing documents (Declaration of Covenants and Rules and Regulations). The main goal is maintaining a beautiful and well-maintained community we are all proud of at the standards we have come to expect.
More information about the ARB’s role and responsibilities can be found in the HOA Documents (Declaration of Covenants Article VIII and Rules and Regulations starting on page 4).  Link:  HOA Docs    
(Please note the ARB is also called the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) in the HOA documents.) 
ARB Application:
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The ARB meets monthly. Contact the Property Manager for the next scheduled meeting or check the website calendar. ARB application submissions need to be received no later than three (3) business days before the scheduled meeting. 
By HOA Rules, you must receive an Approval Letter before you commence any exterior project. The majority of homeowners do submit applications for approval. For the few that do not, homeowner installed unapproved improvements, additions or alterations may be subject to a fine, possibly requiring the uninstalling or modifying of the changes at additional owner expense.
The application must be completed in full and returned to the HOA office with applicable fees (see the first page of the application). This helps to avoid delays in the review process due to missing information.
If you have questions about the application, contact the Property Manager: (Link)
Helpful Guidelines: